Dr. Xinping Cui  Dr. Xinping Cui
  Department Chair

  Office: 1338 Olmsted Hall
  Phone: (951) 827-2563
  FAX: (951) 827-3286
  E-mail: xinping.cui@ucr.edu


Melissa Gomez  Melissa Gomez
  Financial and Administrative Officer

  Office: 1337 Olmsted Hall
  Phone: (951) 827-3774
  E-mail: melissa.gomez@ucr.edu
  Melissa oversees the administrative operations for the  
  department. She manages all financial, personnel, student
  affairs, teaching and research support operations to maintain
   the infrastructure operations with the Department Chair.

 Lisa Diaz
 Financial Services Analyst

  Office: 1337 Olmsted Hall
  Phone: (951) 827-6009; Dept. Phone: (951) 827-3774
  E-mail: lisa.diaz@ucr.edu
  Lisa provides assistance with financial and budgetary analysis 
  to the Financial and Administrative Officer, the Department
  Chair and the Statistics faculty. She provides assistance with
  contract and grant management for the department. Lisa also is
  responsible for travel and purchasing for the department. 

   Margarita Roman
   Graduate Student Services Advisor

   CNAS Graduate Student Affairs Center
   Office: 1140D Batchelor Hall

   Phone: (951) 827-4716 or (800) 735-0717
   FAX: (951) 827-5517
   E-mail: stat@ucr.edu 
  Margarita works closely with graduate students and graduate 
  advisors. She is the contact person for information regarding
  our graduate programs and will answer questions involving
  graduate student support (recruitment, admissions, enrollment,
  and funding issues). She is the primary contact for all current
  graduate students for all matters related to graduate student

Javier Ramirez
 Professional Academic Advisor for Statistics Undergraduate Students

CNAS Undergraduate Academic Advising Center
1223 Pierce Hall
Phone: (951) 827-7288
Email: Javier.Ramirez@ucr.edu
Javier works closely with all undergraduate students in Statistics a as well as the Departmental Undergraduate Faculty Advisor. He can help with the academic progress planning and advising needs for undergraduate students.

Carla Ruiz Carla Ruiz
 Enrollment Management Specialist

 CNAS Enrollment Management Center
 1140F Batchelor Hall
 Phone: (951) 827-2624
 Email: carlaru@ucr.edu
 Carla is responsible for enrollment management of all 
 Statistics courses. She also provides course-related
 assistance to the department.



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