Dr. Daniel R. Jeske Dr. Daniel R. Jeske
Department Chair

Office: 2605 Statistics-Computer Building
Phone: (951) 827-3014
FAX: (951) 827-3286
E-mail: daniel.jeske@ucr.edu

Darrell Ruml Darrell Ruml
Financial and Administrative Officer

Office: 1425 Boyce Hall
Phone: (951) 827-3814
E-mail: darrell.ruml@ucr.edu.
Mr. Ruml is in charge of the NPPS Administrative Unit. He provides administrative support for the chairpersons of Biochemistry, Statistics, Nematology and Plant Pathology and supervises the administrative support staff in the BNPPS Unit.

Perla Fabelo Perla Fabelo
Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Office: 1140D Batchelor Hall
Phone: (951) 827-4716 or (800) 735-0717
FAX: (951) 827-5517
E-mail: stat@ucr.edu
Ms. Fabelo works closely with all graduate students and graduate advisors. She is the contact person for information regarding our graduate programs and will answer questions involving graduate student support (recruitment, admissions, enrollment, and funding issues).

RenaRena Burton
Mathematics & Statistics Advisor; Professional Academic Advisor for Undergraduate Students

CNAS Student Affairs Office
1140 Batchelor Hall
Phone: (951) 827-7294
Email: rena.roberts@ucr.edu
Ms. Roberts works closely with all undergraduate students in Statistics as well as Mathematics and the Departmental Undergraduate Advisors. She can help with the academic progress planning and advising needs.

Paula Lemire Paula Lemire
Student Affairs Assistant

Phone: (951) 827-6009; Dept. Phone: (951) 827-3774
E-mail: plemire@ucr.edu
Ms. Lemire works closely with all undergraduate students and undergraduate advisors, and is the contact person for information and questions regarding our undergraduate program. She can assist in your course enrollment needs. If you seek information regarding the program, any faculty, staff, or graduates, Ms. Lemire is the one to ask.

BNPPS Administrative Unit Contact Information

Fax: x4294


Darrell Ruml

Financial & Administrative Officer

1425 Boyce Hall

x 3814

Marie Good

Academic Personnel Analyst

2405 Life Science

x 4431

Tiffany Lindsey

Academic Personnel Assistant

2317 Webber Hall

x 3598
fax: 2364

Debbie Van Zanten

Financial Operations Manager

1491 Boyce Hall

x 3815

Lorraine Poisson

Financial Analyst

1481 Boyce Hall

x 3048

Ivan Kong

Financial Analyst

1481 Boyce Hall

x 4233

Valerie Schulte

Financial Analyst

1481 Boyce Hall

x 6994

Emelyn Lutzker

Payroll Administrative Specialist

2630 Life Science

x 4228

Nancy Ferguson

Purchasing/Travel Supervisor

1463 Boyce Hall

x 4222

Patricia Smith

Purchasing/Travel Assistant

1463 Boyce Hall

x 3816

Joann Braga

Purchasing/Travel Assistant

1463 Boyce Hall

x 7259

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