Subir Ghosh

Subir Ghosh

Subir Ghosh


Office: 1347 Olmsted Hall
Mail: 1337 Olmsted Hall 
University of California, Riverside
Riverside, CA 92521

Telephone: 951-827-3781
Email: subir.ghosh@ucr.edu
Fax: 951-827-3286

Class Offerings:

  • Statistics for Life Sciences 20
  • Statistics for Business 48
  • Introduction to Statistics 100A-B
  • Introduction to Quality Improvements 127
  • Sampling Surveys 130
  • Statistical Forecasting Techniques 146
  • Regression Analysis 170A and Design of Experiments 170B
  • General Statistical Models 171
  • Advanced Design and Analysis of Experiments 200AB
  • Regression, ANOVA, and Design 202 A, B, and C
  • Discrete Data Analysis 205
  • Sampling Theory 230
  • Seminar on Topics in Applied Statistics, Advanced Linear and Generalized Linear Models, 255G
  • Seminar on Topics in Applied Statistics, Industrial Statistics 255M
  • Seminar on Topics in Applied Statistics, Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials 255S

Research Interests:
  • Statistical design and analysis of experiments
  • Linear, Generalized Linear, and Nonlinear Models
  • Industrial statistics
  • Sample surveys
  • Longitudinal data analysis
  • Econometrics
  • Social Statistics


Ph.D. in Statistics, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA (1976)

M.S. in Statistics, University of Calcutta, India (1970)

Honors and Awards:

  • 2012-2016 Distinguished Teaching Professor and a member of the University of California, Riverside Academy of Distinguished Teachers
  • Graduate Council Dissertation Advisor/Mentoring Award, 2003, University of California, Riverside
  • The 2002 International Indian Statistical Association Service Award
  • Elected Member, International Statistical Institute
  • Elected Fellow, American Statistical Association
  • Elected Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award, 1993, University of California, Riverside

Editorial Responsibilities:

Executive Editor: Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference (January 2001-December 2003)

Associate Editor: Communications in Statistics (January 1990-December 2011)

Editorial Board Member: Journal of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics (April 1998-November 2011)

Professional Activities:

Organized the 2014 IISA (International Indian Statistical Association) Conference on Research Innovations in Statistics for Health, Education, Technology, and Society, July 11 - 13, 2014 held at the Riverside Convention Center, Riverside, California

President, International Indian Statistical Association (IISA), 2008-2009

Chair, The 2007 COPSS F.N. David Award Committee

Vice President, International Indian Statistical Association (IISA), 1997-99

President, Southern California Chapter of the American Statistical Association, 1993-94

University Service:

Chair, Statistics Department, 2005-2008

Member, Committee on Distinguished Teaching, 2005-2008

Member, Planning and Budget Committee, 2005-2008

Chair, Committee on Academic Personnel, 2002-2003

Chair, Privilege and Tenure Committee, 1996-1997

Published Books:

  • Statistical Design and Analysis of Industrial Experiments (1990), Edited, Marcel Dekker, New York.
  • Design and Analysis of Experiments (1996), Edited with C.R.Rao, North-Holland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Statistics for Quality: Dedicated to Don Owen (1996), Edited with W.R. Schucany and W. B. Smith, Marcel Dekker, New York.
  • Multivariate Analysis, Design of Experiments and Survey Sampling (1999), Edited, Marcel Dekker, New York.
  • Asymptotics, Nonparametrics and Time Series (1999), Edited, Marcel Dekker, New York.

Important Research Publications:

  • Ghosh, S,, Guo, L, and Peng, L. (2018) Variance component estimators OPE, NOPE and AOPE in linear mixed effects models. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics. 60(4), 481-505.

  • Ghosh, S., Chowdhury, S. (2017) "CV, ECV, and Robust CV designs for replications under a class of linear models in factorial experiments." Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Vol. 188 p. 1-7.
  • Ghosh, S., Nyquist, H. (2016) "Model Fitting and Optimal Design for a Class of Binary Response Models." Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Vol. 179 p. 22-35.
  • Ghosh, S., Dey, D. (2014). "Heuristically Deciding Between Normal and Skew Normal Distributions for Describing the Data on a Response Variable and an Explanatory Variable." Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice, Vol. 8 (1) p. 126-137.
  • Ghosh, S., Wang, H. (2013). "Non-iterative Methods in Probit Regression Models Based on Pairs of Observations and Linear Approximation."  QdS-Journal of Methodological and Applied Statistics, Vol 15, pg. 185-201.
  • Ghosh, S., Flores, A. (2013). "Common Variance Fractional Factorial Designs and Their Optimality to Identify a Class of Models." Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 143, p. 1807-1815.
  • Ghosh, S., Dutta,S. (2013). "Robustness of designs for model discrimination " Journal of Multivariate Analysis,115, p. 193-203.
  • Ghosh,S., Banerjee,H. (2010). "Methods of finding the initial values of parameters in the maximum likelihood estimating equations for a logistic regression model and comparison of their final solutions using different criterion functions." Journal of the Korean Statistical Society, 39, 471-477.
  • Chakravarty, S. R., Ghosh, S. 2010, "A Model of Income Distribution". Econophysics & Economics of Games, Social Choices, and Quantitative Techniques".Editors: Basu, B. et al., Springer, Series: New Economic Windows, 192-203.
  • Ghosh, S., Chakravartty, A., 2009, "Some Observations in Likelihood Based Fitting of Longitudinal Modes for Binary Data". Journal of Data Science. Vol. 7: 3 p. 409-421.
  • Ghosh, S., Fidalgo, J.L., Pal, R., 2009, "Design and Inference for Discriminating Between Two Competing Linear Regression Models". Journal of the Japan Statistical Society, Vol. 39: 1 p.15-28.
  • Ghosh, S. 2009. "A Unified Approach to Economic Dominance and Inequality Measures using a General Transformation Function". Journal of Income Distribution, Vol. 39: 1 p. 15-28.
  • Ghosh, S., Pal, R., 2008 "A Note on Model Idenification and Discrimination for Simple Linear Regression". Sankhyā. Vol. 70_B: Part 1, o. 121-132.
  • Ghosh, S., Deng, J., Luan, Y., 2007, "Error of Sum Spares and Power Comparisons for Model Search, Identification and Discrimination", Journal of Statistical Planning and Infernence. Vol. 137: 11, 3475-3482.
  • Ghosh, S. and Shen, Y., 2006, "Comparison of Designs in Presence of a Possible Correlation in Observations", Test 15, 2, 485-504.
  • Ghosh, S. and Burns, C., 2002, "Comparisons of four new classes of search designs for factor screening experiments with factors at three levels", Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics, 44(3): 901-910.
  • Ghosh, S. and Teschmacher, L., 2002, "Comparison of search designs using search probabilities", Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 104(2):439-458.
  • Ghosh, S. and Fairchild, L.D.,2000, "Inference on interactions between treatments and subjects within groups in a two-period crossover trial." Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 88(2):301-317.
  • Ghosh, S. and Liu, T., 1999, "Optimal mixture designs for four components in two orthogonal blocks", Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 78:219-228.
  • Ghosh, S. and Al-Sabah, W.S., 1996, "Efficient composite designs with small number of runs", Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 53, 117-132.
  • Srivastava, J.N. and Ghosh, S., 1996, "On nonorthogonality and nonoptimality of Addelman's main-effect plans satisfying the condition of proportional frequencies", Statistics and Probability Letters, 26:51-60.
  • Ghosh, S. and Talebi, H.,1993, "Main effect plans with additional search property for 2m factorial experiments", Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 36,2-3,367-384.
  • Ghosh, S. and Duh, Y.J.,1991, "Adjusting residuals in estimation of dispersion effects", Australian Journal of Statistics, 33,1,65-74.
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  • Ghosh, S.,1989, "On two methods of identifying influential sets of observations", Statistics and Probability Letters, 7,241-245.
  • Ghosh, S. and Zhang, X.D.,1987, "Two new series of search designs for 3 m factorial experiments", Utilitas Mathematica, 32, 245-254.
  • Ghosh, S.,1982, "Robustness of BIBD against the unavailability of data", Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 6,29-32.
  • Srivastava, J.N. and Ghosh, S., 1980, "Enumeration and representation of non-isomorphic bipartite graphs", Annals of Discrete Mathematics, 6,315-332.
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  • Ghosh, S.,1979, "On robustness of designs against incomplete data", Sankhya, Pts 3 and 4, 204-208.

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