The faculty of the Department of Statistics stand in solidarity with those calling for the eradication of racial biases in our criminal justice system.  We support peaceful protests that demand law enforcement be color blind when protecting our communities, and we affirm a conscious commitment to foster diversity, equity and inclusion for the students, staff and faculty at UCR. 
The Department of Statistics has two primary interrelated objectives as it serves the University, the State, and beyond. First, we aim to provide both undergraduate and graduate students with strong degree programs and excellent instruction in probability, applied statistics, and theoretical statistics. Second, we aim to conduct and publish outstanding research while promoting the solid practice of statistics at the University of California and beyond.
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Faculty and Student Awards

UC Riverside, Department of Statistics 
Proudly recognizes 
Outstanding TA Award 2020-21
BRADLEY LUBICH for Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award (2020-21)
ISAAC QUINTANILLA SALINAS for Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award (2020-21)
Yehua Li
Professor YEHUA LI for Elected Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) 2021 Fellow
For outstanding contributions to the theory and methods of functional data analysis, especially on non and semiparametric regression methods, dimension reduction, model selection, and statistical inference on both independent and spatially dependent functional data.
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