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Digital Data
Public Health


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The Department of Statistics at UC Riverside has an outstanding reputation in Teaching, Research and Consulting.

We are the only program in Southern California where one may obtain a PhD in Applied Statistics. Our graduate programs offer opportunities to diversify your study to include research areas in a variety of academic disciplines such as:

Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods
Experimental Design
General Statistical Modeling
Multivariate Models
Time Series Models

We encourage students with a Bachelor's Degree and a strong background in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science or some other quantitatively based discipline to apply to our Masters or PhD programs.


Overview of Graduate Programs

The Statistics faculty and staff are fully dedicated to graduate student success. As our graduate student, you will be able to work closely with faculty and other graduate students on innovative statistical research projects and be a part of department's successful Statistics Consulting Collaboratory that serves the campus and business community. Our faculty has received National/International recognition for their professional contribution in research, teaching and service.

Masters in Statistics

Fall 2020 MS application deadline extended to August 1!   Contact stat@ucr.edu for more information.

The Master's Program has a professional orientation, emphasizing applications and applicable theory; it is intended to provide an "operational" knowledge of the subject.

To obtain the M.S. degree, students are required to complete 41 units and pass the comprehensive exams.  Normative time to degree is 2 years. 

To apply to the program, students must either have completed a B.S. degree in Statistics (or the equivalent), or have completed the following prerequisite courses: STAT 160A, 160B, 160C,161, 170A, 170B, and 171, covering basic areas of probability and statistics.  These courses may be taken through concurrent enrollment via UCR's Extension Center or from another institutions that have these equivalent courses.   View the description of these courses by clicking on: General Catalog 

The undergraduate courses are not counted as credit towards the M.S. degree.

Changing degree objective from the M.S. to the Ph.D. is available for students that pass the comprehensive exams and are progressing well academically.  Requests are submitted to the graduate advisor for approval, however, funding support is not guaranteed.

Ph.D. in Applied Statistics

The Ph.D. program in Applied Statistics emphasizes both the theory of Statistics and its application to special fields of interest.  Primarily, students work on completing the course requirements and comprehensive exams during the first 2-3 years. A minimum of 12 units of enrollment (about 3 courses per quarter) is required until advancing to candidacy.  Students begin dissertation research after successfully passing the course requirements and comprehensive exams. Part of the course requirements is the opportunity to take courses outside the department that will allow students to prepare for their research project. This is the "Substantive Field" requirement and courses may be chosen from areas in Biology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology or Administration.  Specialties might include Population Genetics, Biological Control, Hydrology, Epidemiology, Geology, Discrimination of Learning, or scales and Measurements. Other subjects will need prior approval from the graduate advisor.

To apply to the Ph.D. program, students must have completed either a Bachelor's Degree or a Master's Degree in Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, or some other quantitative based discipline.  Students lacking sufficient preparation for some statistics graduate classes must complete some preparatory work in Statistics, Computer Science, or Mathematics depending on their background.

View a list of requirements and specific courses to Advance to Candidacy for Ph.D. degree by clicking on: General Catalog

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