UCR- Computer Lab

High Performance Computer Cluster


Departmental computing cluster @ HPCC

The Statistics Department owns a set of high-memory computer nodes at the High-Performance Computing Center at UCR. 

The current configuration of the departmental cluster include:

  • 128 Intel computing cores (equivalent to 256 logical cores if hyper-threading is used) 
  • 1TB total memory to be used by the 128 cores.
  • 10TB big data disk rental from HPCC

PhD students will receive their HPCC account information in the Fall quarter of their first year. Masters and undergraduate students who take statistical computing courses will receive one-quarter temporary accounts. For technical questions, please contact HPCC support at support@hpcc.ucr.edu.

The department works with the HPCC administration team to schedule training workshops for our departmental cluster users once a year. Training materials and video recordings of previous workshops are available at hpcc.ucr.edu/events_small.html. In addition, detailed user guides are available at the HPCC site: http://hpcc.ucr.edu/manuals_linux-cluster_intro.html.


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