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Welcome to the Statistics Graduate Student Association (GSA)! 

The Statistics GSA exists to advance the academic, professional, and social lives of current and future statistics graduate students at the University of California, Riverside.  We also aim to encourage collaboration  among students that are both within and outside of the statistics department.  We host socials, events, and resources to graduate students.  Our events range from going out for pizza at the Getaway Cafe, hosting book clubs, and  discussing and presenting high level research topics. 
Some of our regular activities include: 
  • Social Hour:  A weekly gathering to hang out and get to know each other on a more personal level.  This currently happens over Zoom, and is aimed for graduate students, faculty and staff.  The environment is unstructured and light hearted. 
  • Graduate Student Seminar (GSS): The GSS series is an opportunity for graduate students in our department to showcase some of the cool things they are doing and gain presentation practice. The presentations can be on a variety of topics, including research, projects, internships, a topic a student wanted to investigate, a paper the presenter found interesting, and more. Anything that is appropriate for the graduate-student level audience that could be of interest to the graduate students of this department is welcomed. The GSS welcomes, and ENCOURAGES, anyone who is interested to attend. This includes undergraduates, faculty, and staff. We aim to get a variety of topics and perspectives.
  • Newsletter: The department newsletter is currently organized by the GSS.  It focuses on announcing current events, introducing incoming students and faculty to the department, celebrating graduating students, catching up with alumni activities, announcing upcoming classes, and more! 
Some other activities include: hosting workshops for our undergraduates, panel discussions for undergraduates interested in graduate school, book club on books related to studying graduate level statistics. 
Check out our website.  We look forward to having you come join us!


Jericho Lawson


Vice President
Emily Ouyang

Brian Tran

Rebecca Kurtz-Garcia

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