Olmsted Hall (c) UCR/Stan Lim

Olmsted Hall


Harry H. Harman Memorial Library

Room 1431 Olmsted Hall

The Statistics Department maintains a small library containing books and journals that are available to all graduate students and undergraduate students majoring in Statistics.

Library in Olmsted Hall

A collection of materials from the estate of the late Harry H. Harman, a pioneer in factor analysis, was the basis of the library. Also included are the books and papers from the late Morris J. Garber, a Statistics Professor who brought computing to UCR and F.N David, our first department Chair.


Books are cataloged and arranged alphabetically by the first three letters of the author’s last name followed by the first initial of the first name. Dr. FN David material is only available by special request through the Department office.


The department has a section of older statistics related journals in the Harry H. Harman Memorial Library but most Statistics journals can be found through the campus libraries at http://goo.gl/KxyFqg.


Statistics Dissertations are available online through the Library at https://library.ucr.edu/


Orbach Science Library

The Orbach Science Library  has an extensive statistics collection, including statistics resources and associations, journals, dissertations and research help.

TA Study Areas

Due to a lack of office space, Masters Students are not assigned office space. However, between 8:00am and 4:15pm, Master’s degree students may use the TA and Study areas listed below when not in use.

The department has three rooms that all Statistics students may use for group study, presentation practice, or for hosting TA office hours. All areas are available from 8:00am to 4:15pm during non-scheduled times. You must check with the department office for access. If you are a TA and have more than one undergraduate student needing assistance, please use one of the Study areas below. Reservations to use these rooms may be made through the department office. Priority is given to TA office hours and student practice presentations.

Olmsted 1102

OLMH 1102:

All Statistics graduate students may use the TA conference room when not in use. Please be aware that TA office hours have priority. 

Olmstead 1429

D.V. Gokhale Statistics Lecture Room
OLMH 1429

The D.V. Gokhale Statistics Lecture Room was dedicated in recognition of Dr. D.V. Gokhale, Professor Emeritus. He is remembered as a passionate educator, mentor and friend. The classroom is primarily used for graduate and upper division courses in Statistics. 



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