Free Virtual Mock Interviews


Free Virtual Mock Interviews for Students and Transitioning Professionals

Year-round free "Virtual Mock Interviews" are offered by the Orange County & Long Beach Chapter of the American Statistical Association for the following five types of interviews:
- Biostatistics
- Business Analytics
- Data Science
- Specific job descriptions*
- Informational**

Professional statisticians in these fields have been recruited from throughout Southern California to conduct these interviews.

*If an interviewee is seeking a specific position and can provide the associated job description, we shall work to arrange an online practice interview based on that job description
**If an interviewee is simply interested in one of a variety of professional roles in which statisticians are frequently employed and wants to learn more about the nature of that work, we shall work to arrange a conversation with someone with experience in at least one of those roles.


How to Sign Up

All students (or transitioning professionals) need do is complete the brief questionnaire found at the link from our website ( or follow this link:

A Chapter volunteer will then match each applicant with a relevant, available professional for an interview (up to 45 minutes).

For more information about the Chapter, please visit us at

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