Graduate Student Funding Application


Department Travel Funds Guidelines

Travel Funds FAQ:

Who can I ask for more information about the funds?

Shujie Ma, Esra Kurum, and Weixin Yao

Can students use the travel funds to attend international conferences?

Yes, the funds can be used for international conferences if the application is approved. 

What are the deadlines for submitting the request for travel funds?

The deadline for Spring and Summer travel is March 1st. The deadline for Fall and Winter travel is September 1st.

When should I apply for travel funds?

Students are encouraged to apply for the travel funds well ahead of time (at least six months prior to the travel deadline). This will allow sufficient time for preparing the presentation, travel, review and approval. The Abstract of their presentation must be submitted before applying for a travel fund. For the conference from September 28th to October 2nd, students will need to apply before March 1st. For this year, 2021, the first deadline is June 1st (instead of March 1st). 


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